Brenda and Masie

I first met Brydie after acquiring my first dog, a Miniature Schnauzer called Masie, who will be one year old on February 7.  Being a first dog owner I needed guidance and assistance in training Masie and as she was experiencing anxiety with any loud noise (we live on a very busy road) I needed help immediately and that is when Brydie came into our lives. 

Brydie was fantastic, a few home visits, walking up and down the street (we live on a very busy road), followed up by walks in Sumsion Gardens with Brydie’s Missy, who had a great calming influence on Masie, and playing in the dog park.  Masie is very social, loves walking (probably the sniffing more than the walking!!) loves all dogs, even horses and adores people. Her only anxiety now is motor bikes, trail bikes in particular (the neighbours have just acquired one!).  She is a very clever little girl and from the very first brought the ball back for another throw, brings in my morning paper (watched me do it and then just decided she would do it for me!) and hops in her pool to cool off her paws.  Loves the car, so she is great to take visiting to see her best friends – Leeroy, Bundy and Hugo.

I cannot speak to highly of Brydie’s training and highly recommend her to anyone who has a new dog (especially first dog owners), a dog who is experiencing problems or just to check that you doing all the right things with your dog.

Masie and I are looking forward to seeing Brydie very soon when she commences her social and walks groups, which will be informative and lots of fun.