Cassandra and Molly

My cocker spaniel puppy Molly (aka the cutest, smartest dog ever :-) has been going to Puppy Daycare at Dr Jana’s from the age of 9 weeks. There are so many things I love about Puppy Daycare and am always reccomending it to friends with puppies.

I am a shift worker and really struggled with the decision of purchasing a dog, i.e. was it selfish to own a pet when i couldnt always be there for it…….?? So much so that i agonised over it for 3 years. In the end I decided that i could give a dog a pretty decent life and after much researching decided to go for it. The availability of Puppy Daycare at Dr Jana’s was a big factor in my decision to get a puppy expecially as she can go there during the day when im sleeping after a night shift. She loves it and I feel happy that she isnt lonely and missing me while im sleeping.
Puppy Daycare has been so beneficial to Molly’s socialisation manners and training. She now loves dogs of all ages and sizes and she always comes home exhausted after a day of awesome fun with her friends. I love seeing her ‘grades’ improve and working on the ‘homework’ we get. For example Molly used to bite me all the time. It was only play but it really hurt and i was worried she would do it to a child one day.
With what she was taught in her one on one training during that day with trainer Brydie Charlesworth and using the information on bite inhibition I was provided when I picked her up I haven’t had a problem with her biting me or anyone else since. In fact I was so impressed with what they had achieved with Molly in just one day that I rang Brydie the same afternoon and booked a one on one training session with her at my home the following week.
The fact is I love puppy daycare, I think its a fantastic idea and anyone who is thinking of purchasing or adopting a new puppy should try it. I would like to thank the staff at Dr Jana’s for providing such a great service. Molly gets so excited when she gets in the car because she knows she is going to see some of her favourite people and have the best time, its lovely to see :-)