Gabby, Cameron, Nahla, Prince and Denzel

We would love to thank Brydie from the bottom of our hearts for helping us get our happy affectionate Nahla back. After a bad experience with a house-mate we were starting to think that she would be shy and scared of us for good. I was surprised at how comfortable we all felt around Brydie (I was expecting a strict scary lady) but I actually had fun at our lesson!  To our massive surprise after only one session with Brydie and some homework Nahla was back to her normal self, if not even more affectionate then before. Although she can still be quite shy around strangers, she is so much better than we ever thought possible, and so happy.

At first we didn’t think we needed any help with our other dog Prince, but that was before Brydie showed us how well behaved he could be, and how much fun it is teaching them new things!

We highly recommend Brydie to anyone with a dog, even if they don’t have a big problem, you can still learn so much!