Ian, Piper and Bowser

I first contacted Brydie after my wife and I were at breaking point with our beautiful weimaraner “Bowser” and his bad separation anxiety. He could not bear the be with out us for a nano second without barking and whining. A trip to the shops meant the house torn apart and alot of poo cleaning on return! Not fun!

We watched Caesar, we bought books and we googled it till our fingers bled. Nothing.
So I bit the bullet and googled dog trainer in Albury instead, and Brydie was there. She came over an hour into the bush to help us in our own home, where the problems were actually happening.
That was one session three weeks ago (and a little homework since). Now as I write this bowser is sleeping outside quietly in his kennel!!!! (which is a welcome break for anyone sharing a room with a 30 kg dog for the last year) He is 10 times calmer all the time and really becoming the dog we always wanted. (well …. I wanted hehe)
Thanks Brydie your a legend
I urge anyone who can relate to our story, call Brydie before you call the pound!!!