Janaya, Jay and Zeus

In February this year, Jay and I adopted our 18 month old mastiff X dane, Zeus, who at the time had just turned 1, from the pound. He was reserved at first but soon came out of his shell (Although, he’s still scared of the dark!). We didn’t focus on training straight away with Zeus as we concentrated on getting him used to his new surroundings. He did have some basic training but had to be taught step by step how to fetch a ball!! He was socialised a little at the local dog park, but as we were unsure of his past we didn’t want to push his limits. Zeus then moved in with 3 small dogs where he got on well with, but we had issues with him pulling on the lead and not paying attention. Being a big and strong breed this was something that worried us and how we looked in the community. We soon moved out on our own and Zeus was the only dog. We had plans on getting him a companion dog in a similar breed but wanted some more training with Zeus so he was on his best behaviour when we added a new member to our family. Our first encounter with Brydie was when we were looking at adopting another dog which was in Brydie’s care. Although the adoption process didn’t work out due to incompatibility, we decided to organise a consult with Brydie to see if we could teach our Zeus some manners. Brydie actually didn’t turn up my first consult (Baby brain) but made up for it a few days later:). We walked up and down the street and we got a lot of information on how Zeus should be behaving. We also purchased a halti which has worked wonders when I’ve been able to get Jay to use it! She’s taught us both to be confident when giving commands and how to approach each situation. Zeus learnt some very good manners and we figured out treats work A LOT!! Recently we’ve bought another puppy and are doing all the basic training with her, she is learning so quickly and even picking up some of Zeus’ bad habits, so we thought it was time to take them to a casual class that Brydie and her team were running. Zeus was mischievous on the first day but soon after he was paying attention. It wasn’t easy though; it took a lot of redirection and one on one work with Brydie herself. The classes are fun and full of games with some one on one help with dogs and owners like myself and Zeus who weren’t quite picking it up so quickly. Not only have we been provided with information about how our dogs should behave we’ve also been educated in our dogs body language. I don’t know how we’d cope with out her!! We were never made to feel like what we were doing was wrong, or made to feel incompetent. Brydie is an amazing person and dog trainer and we will be attending any and all classes we can until she kicks us out

* I really love this picture of Janaya and Zeus. As usual he is being cheeky and edging his way out of the drop. I love Janaya giving him a warning point and he is just grinning. They make me laugh*