Kristy and Charli

I want to say a huge thank you to Brydie for helping me with my beautiful girl Charli. Charli is a very loving 3 year old Rottweiler who came to use 2mths ago now. She is very gentle  but gets very excited. I called Brydie to help teach me how to get Charli’s full attention and listen to me.

Brydie was fantastic and I’ve learnt a lot and we practice everything she has taught us everyday for 10mins then its play time with the ball.Positive reinforcement is how Brydie has taught me and Charli has taken so well to it all.

Charli loves our training time and so do i, she is a very clever girl and is doing it all so well.
I know with Brydies help and guidance Charli is going to be a very well mannered girl.
Brydie has not only helped me to train Charli but she is also helping me become the strong confident dog owner i want to be. Brydie has been there every step of the way i cant thank her enough.
I highly recommend Brydie for anyone who wants a dog trainer who not only cares for your dog but cares about you to and will be there all the way.
Again thank you Brydie I’ve learnt so much from you :)

Love Kristy and Charli xx