Laurette and Jaffy. 

I purchased a puppy of a facebook site in September 2011. My “best friend” Storme (a nearly 10yo blue cattle dog) had cancer and was put to sleep 4 years prior and I wasn’t emotionally ready to own my own dog.

I had been looking for a little while at some puppy’s but didn’t see one that I thought would suit my family and lifestyle. I came across 2 male jack Russell x staffy pup’s on a facebook site and thought they were adorable. What caught my eye was the brindle puppy eating baked beans out of a bowl. Feeling the need to “rescue” the puppy I contacted the lady selling them and made a time to go to their place and meet them. I feel for the brindle puppy after spending 2 hours with him. I took him home and thought I was ready for a puppy, but I was not.
Over the first few days it was fun to have this puppy. After a few more days I felt like I had made a big mistake and was finding it difficult to bond with this puppy. It was a week into having the puppy and he still had no name. I just couldn’t give him a name. I started feeling really guilty about getting a puppy and still had trouble bonding with him. I kept getting asked what his name was and I couldn’t tell anyone what it was. This puppy was totally in love with me and thought I was the bee’s knees but I still didn’t feel like he was “my dog”.
I felt cheated. The pup that was advertised was not the same dog I had. He wasn’t as quiet as the owner had made out. He didn’t like other animals and was quite aggressive when he came across one. He wasn’t toilet trained. I was at a loss.
It was time to bite the bullet. I had to either rehome him or bond with him. It was now two weeks and he still did not have a name. Looking back I think I didn’t name him as I hadn’t bonded with him. I asked people on facebook to help me name him. There were plenty of names but none fit. Out of the blue this guy said “How about Jaffy? He is Jack Russell x Staffy so you should call him Jaffy.” Perfect!! This is the right name I thought.
Now he had a name he still had all these problems. One afternoon was daughter was playing ball with him and he bit her in the nose. He ripped the tip of her nose, she needed stitches. I was gutted! This puppy was getting worse and worse. He was now toy aggressive and obsessive. I knew I was a responsible dog owner and didn’t want Jaffy to end up in the pound through no fault of his own. His previous owners had not done anything with Jaffy and it was totally up to me to step up to the plate.
Devastated I made contact with Brydie. She was extremely understanding and offered to meet us quickly. Brydie gave me some suggestions on what I could do with Jaffy before our appointment which I found very reassuring and helpful.
I booked Jaffy into puppy preschool to help with his socialisation. I had to tell the instructors that my dog was aggressive and wasn’t great with other dogs. My heart sunk! I never wanted a dog like that. My confidence was fading and fast. Funnily enough I had done some dog training sessions before so I knew how to help other people’s dogs but for some reason I didn’t have the confidence when it came to my own dog.
Brydie came to my house to assess Jaffy. Brydie never came with a time limit. She listened to everything I had to say about Jaffy’s behaviours. Brydie gave me simple training solutions for Jaffy that I could understand and most importantly do. Over several hours with Jaffy and I, Brydie reassured me that Jaffy could be turned around. I had a revelation. It wasn’t just the fact that Jaffy had issues but so did I. I had a lot of things going on in my life and it affected the way I interacted and bonded with Jaffy. Brydie assured me that I had the confidence to do what it takes to turn Jaffy into a fantastic puppy.
He went to puppy preschool with ease and only had one altercation with another puppy, and that was before I saw Brydie.
After the session I had with Jaffy, Brydie has still been in contact. From the day Brydie came to see us and show us some techniques I went from having an aggressive dog to having a friendly, happy, fun loving dog.
I have had Jaffy for 4 months now and I couldn’t see my life without him. If it wasn’t for Brydie believing in me and helping me with Jaffy I wouldn’t have been confident enough to keep him.
I highly recommend Brydie to anyone who needs assistance with training and/or for issues they have with their dogs. Brydie’s main goal is to help out the owners who then in turn help their dogs. She’s an absolute gem and a true asset to the Albury/Wodonga community.