Hi my name is Lucy and I am a 7 month old wire hair pointer.

I was a bit of a scaredy cat when I first moved into my new home. They already had a grumpy old blue heeler who didn’t seem to like me very much. My owners took me to puppy day care at Dr Jana’s to give the blue heeler a break and to teach me about the big wide world.

I fell in love with Brydie the very first moment I met her. She is just the very best dog person. My owners were even impressed.

They kept bringing me back to puppy day care every week and they were so excited that I was learning all the things that they were teaching me at home and they got a report folder and advice about my training and socialising and anything else they wanted to know. I found it so much fun and I went home exhausted every time. And I soon forgot I was frightened of things and found the big wide world was a wonderful place filled with lovely, kind, fun people and puppies of all sorts.

I became more confident with the blue heeler and now we are best friends. I love playing and learning and I know what is expected of me but sometimes I am a little bit naughty. I love people and dogs and my owners are very happy that I have such good manners. But I have learnt that even though I am not allowed on the couch if I sneak quietly and carefully without disturbing anybody up onto the couch and snuggle gently with the people then they let me stay there but if I come running and jump on them then I have to go outside and they are cross.

Puppy day care was the best thing my owners did for me when I was little and the things I learnt there will have a positive effect on me for the rest of my life.

And I just love, love and adore Brydie.

Licks and Kisses from Lucy xxx