Brydie Charlesworth Dog Training consists of Brydie Charlesworth, Sara, Emma, Emily, Bethany, Mikaela and a contracting trainer Kylie. Together we make up the A Team!

All trainers use rewards based training.

Brydie Charlesworth

_Albury-dog-trainingI’ve been involved in training dogs for approximately 14 years. I originally started training when I got my first dog as an adult. He was a rescue pup with some issues and not knowing what I was doing, I unintentionally made them worse. After seeking much advice, talking to trainers and behaviourists and spending lots of time studying, I finally fixed him. This process really inspired me to learn and to help others that were in the same position as me.

I saw a gap in the market for dog training in the Albury area and in 2011 I finally realized my long term dream and opened this business. As well as training dogs, I’m also heavily involved with rescue work, educating kids about bite prevention and providing dog training from different dog specialists from all over Australia to the Albury area.





Sara is one of our senior staff members and she’s a fully qualified vet nurse also. She has a big passion for dog behaviour and training. She owns 4 dogs Lexi, Ella, Clover and Joey (she says he’s her foster dog but we all know she’s going to keep him) all who have been attending doggy daycare for years. Sara brings with  her a broad knowledge base and a bubbly personality. Sara is the mumma bear of our group and she is always organising new fun and exciting ways to keep the dogs happy.
She helps us run the puppy and doggy daycare at the Dog Education Centre and all of the dogs love her!

Sara Fa


Emma is one of our senior staff members. She is currently studying dog training through the NDTF. She has a German Shepherd called Jackson and a Kelpie x called Lucy. Emma loves everything to do with dog training and behaviour and works with us at our daycare program so you will see a lot of her around (minus the flowers in her hair 😉
Emma is an incredibly patient and compassionate trainer who loves to help scared dogs thrive in the daycare environment.



Bethany is one of our junior staff and started with us in 2016 after doing work experience with us. She’s a bright bubbly girl and you will see her around the centre helping to look after the daycare dogs. She has a Golden Retriever called Sully who attends daycare every Friday. Sully is famous for finding the tiniest amounts of water to roll in and turn his beautiful fur black!
Bethany has a lovely calm nature which the dogs respond to well.



DSC_1426Kylie is a trainer based out of Albury and she is travelling to Albury once a week/fortnight (depending on demand) to help with some of the more ‘high end’ issues. She has a wealth of experience under her belt and used to train in and around Melbourne. Kylie often travels to Myrtleford and Wangaratta to train.

“My aim is to achieve harmony between dog and handler through balanced training methods and socialization techniques. All breeds, all ages and any problem”.